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Best Slim Wallet for Women

Love the overall classy design and feel of this wallet. Cash pocket, card slots, accessible zipped coin pocket without opening the wallet, plus an RFID protection. It’s the best slim wallet for me as I don’t really like carrying large wallets and bags to put it inside. The vegetable tanned full grain leather wallet is the highest quality of all leathers out there and I love it! Will definitely buy then men’s wallet for husband from Karakoram2.

Steve M
Always perfect

First I bought the Smart Slide.

Then I bought the Sublime.

Next, I’ll buy another.

Perfect stuff, each and every one of them. Craftsmanship is second to none and minimalistic yet everything you’ll need. The leather softens with time and they’re basically the perfect wallet if you’re one of those guys who just wants to carry the essentials. The Sublime is enough to carry the notes you’ll need for a day, night out or a holiday and the Smart Slide is my “go to” for everything in between.

The Light
Joe Martin Amigo
Minimalistic yet also slim.

Excellent leather quality that defies minimalistic wallet that suits for me. Wallet on you pocket that flows. I was looking for wallet that best suits the best for me. A wallet that does not bulge on you pocket making you uncomfortably reaching your pocket to take it off or reposition every time. Just fuzzy on wallet that makes me comfortable through out the day on you pocket. Five star for this wallet and it might be my last wallet. I hope.

Smart Slide
Donald Smith
Great Wallet

Very well made product with a perfect fit.

Mighty Slim
Eleanor Bellett
Lovely wallet

Slim, elegant and practical

Fantastic Wallet

What a fantastic wallet. Well designed, made and practical. The best wallet I've had.

Mighty Slim
Perfect size!

The Mighty Slim is perfect for my needs. It has replaced a purse (wallet) about four times its size. I was carrying around cards I wasn't using, now I have all I need with me. There is now room for me to carry other essentials in my bag (glasses!). Beautiful quality, too.

Stephen Falkiner
Very nice and well thought out product.

It seems to be very well made and is fit for purpose.

Slim Line
Sheikh Ahmed KABIR

Just as showed in pictures good quality and slick Perfect christmas gift

Smart Slide
Chris Wheeler
Amazing product! RECOMMEND!!!

Had it for 2 weeks, and it is so nice. The leather is soft and feels well put together. The slide is so satisfying and I have 3 embossed cards and 2 normal cards in it. I can fit one more but it's tight at that point. The pocket is where I have my licence and I can slide another card behind it.

Shaking vigorously and cards or cash don't fall out, unless you go really hard - so hard it doesn't occur naturally - in wich case the cards will slide out.

Overall I am super happy with my purchase, incredible delivery speed and product, and I'm super proud to have bought an Australian made product and to have supported a local business. I will definitely be a repeat customer and have already exclaimed to the people I know that they must buy from here hahaha

Smart Slide
Matthew Campbell
International Shipping is excellent

good as gold qualichoo wallet. does wat i want it ta, slimmed down my pocket nicely 'n made my fahkin' old wallet sook from not bein' used anymawah. Fahkin' fair dinkum mate.

Zimmy Too

The leather and workmanship is superb. Nice minimalist design.

Beautifully Crafted Slimline Wallet

I was gifted the Karakoram2 Smart Slide wallet by my GF for Christmas, and i loved it so much I ended up visiting the website and purchasing the Light wallet and the Sublime wallet as well!
I now own the perfect wallet for every occasion.
The build quality is excellent, and the Sublime wallet always stays slim even with all my cards and cash tucked inside. There is also a small coin pouch hidden inside the cash compartment!
The leather feels and smells great, and the customer support is excellent as well Overall very satisfied with my purchases.

Smart Slide
Giulia Ceruzzi

Smart Slide

Smart Slide
Courtney Jaensch
Compact and convenient

Due to having most payment methods available on mobile devices, the smart slide is perfect for carrying those cards not accepted on your device. It is compact, and all cards are easily accessible. Fine quality leather and a sharp look to complete make the smart slide an excellent purchase.

Surpassed Expectations ...

Karakoram2 Australia care about their customers. I am delighted with their communication and extremely satisfied with the Smart Slide I ordered as a present for a relative (who also adores his gift). Thank you for a pleasurable experience and for such a quality product.

The Light
maurice brimo
As described

As described and very happy with the purchase

Smart Slide
Levitta Panuncillo
Boyfriend's birthday gift

My boyfriend had been using his bulky wallet that he bought from France nearly 7 years ago and it contains nothing but cards now so I thought what better way to give him for his birthday but this slick smart wallet. He loved it as soon as he saw it. It's small, thin and very sexy. We are very satisfied customers.

Slim Line
Andrew Cooper
Slim Line X 2

The workmanship is second to none. I bought one for myself and 1 for the wife. So impressed by how much you can fit in a compact wallet. We will definitely be buying more to have in different colours. A+

Slim line Karakoram Wallet

I got my husband the black one and he had it for about a week before he lost it. He did love it though. The size, features and just how it looked. He loved the pull out tabs to expose the cards. The money clip and the quality if the wallet. This time round, i got him the brown one and its gorgeous. Very attractive and timeless. Hopefully he wont lose this one too!

Raj Dhakal


Slim Line
Exactly as described

Great feel to the outside and the pull tabs are a great feature! Was delivered on time (actually slightly early) and perfectly matched what I wanted. Thanks!

Smart Slide
Timothy Jackson
Perfectly compact

I don't like wallets generally due to their bulkiness and seeing as I'm a person who no longer carries cash ever this has been the best item i have purchased in years. Holds all my cards, easy to access them in a rush and you barely notice you are carrying it its so small and light.

Mighty Slim
Bala K.

Got the beige one and using it all the time now. Would you guys have more colours coming out?

Amazing service

I had a very minor issue with my nearly one year old wallet and the team at Karakoram2 replaced the wallet with no questions asked. It is hands down the best wallet I have ever had. Thank you for the amazing service and a great quality product!