Smart Slide

Colour: Black

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Compact and modern cardholder wallet

Machined aluminium mechanism to slide out your cards

Leather wrapped case is ergonomic & comfortable to use

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24 Months Warranty

Easy Returns

5 Star Reviews

Core Features

  • Machined aluminium internal card holder
  • Premium full grain leather
  • Up to 11 Card Holder
  • No minimum number of cards needed
  • Friction pads to ensure your cards don't fall out
  • RFID Protection
  • Non-RFID card pocket for your tap & go card
  • Card trigger popup mechanism
  • Money band for folded bills
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Backed by 2 Year Warranty


A smart card holder wallet that charms with dynamic functions.

Whether you seek a credit card wallet or a modern card holder, the Smart Slide is an exalted performer. Sustainably sourced premium leather adds unmatched luxurious feel to your card wallet. Carry around 8 cards and 2 business cards—without compromising on style.

Smart Slide’s design is chic and sophisticated. Vegetable-tanned leather envelopes a machine metal case, securely holding your stack of cards. Press the trigger at the bottom of the card holder wallet, and watch your cards smoothly slide out for use. The quick-access slot in the side is designed to carry your most frequently-used card.

A diagonal leather money band holds folded bills, so you can carry all you need.

The Smart Slide is an RFID wallet, protecting you from intrusive skimming and keeping your information safe.


  1. Dimensions: 105 mm x 74 mm
  2. Materials: Sustainably Sourced Full Grain Leather
  3. Construction: Aluminium Inner Case

FAST Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on all orders in Australia and New Zealand, and our 30 days, no questions asked return policy.

Care Guide

If your wallet ever gets wet, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off water. Avoid using heat appliances to dry your wallet. From time to time, use a leather conditioner to seal the leather to ensure longevity.

Handy tips: Do not over load your wallet as it can stress it's seams.

Karakoram2 SmartSlide cardholder wallet black card wallet

Full Grain Leather

The traditional vegetable tanned leather characterised by its soft & supple surface and natural finish.

 Designed in Sydney

Designed in Sydney, Australia by the Karakoram2 design team emphasising contemporary aesthetic.

RFID Canvas Lining

Safe and secure, the RFID lining will keep your possessions protected from unwanted exposures.

Made For Life

Resisting the throw-away is part of our philosophy. Every K2 is made to last, and made sustainably.

What Can You Fit?

Smart Slide card holder wallet fits up to 11 cards. The metal case can house up to 7 cards (7 x standard 0.76mm cards or 5 x engraved cards) and 4 x cards in the outer pockets - double stacked. Folded bills or business cards can be put either in the outer pockets or in the money band.

Karakoram2 SmartSlide Card holder mens womens wallet karakoram2 black modern RFID Slim
Karakoram2 SmartSlide Card holder mens womens wallet karakoram2 black modern RFID Slim

Exudes Quality.

Designed to delight. Engineered to endure. Made to the highest standards with full grain leather.

Slim Design.

Up to 50% slimmer than a traditional wallet so that you carry more and carry with style. The slim design ensures that your pocket won't feel bulky.

Karakoram2 SmartSlide Card holder mens womens wallet karakoram2 black modern RFID Slim
Karakoram2 SmartSlide Card holder mens womens wallet karakoram2 black modern RFID Slim

Modern & Sophisticated.

Look unique & elegant with the modern design of K2's Smart Slide wallet. The Smart Slide feature allows easy access to your cards, making it easy to grab what you need, when you need it.

RFID Protected.

Designed to protect you from RFID skimming card theft. Its RFID blocking technology will keep your personal and financial information secure.

Karakoram2 SmartSlide Card holder mens womens wallet karakoram2 black modern RFID Slim

Perfect for Everyone.

The Smart Slide wallet is a personal accessory that seamlessly blends style and function for both men and women. Keep your important cards and cash organized and secure in a timeless, practical design that you'll love to carry every day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 278 reviews
Donald Smith
Great Wallet

Very well made product with a perfect fit.

Chris Wheeler
Amazing product! RECOMMEND!!!

Had it for 2 weeks, and it is so nice. The leather is soft and feels well put together. The slide is so satisfying and I have 3 embossed cards and 2 normal cards in it. I can fit one more but it's tight at that point. The pocket is where I have my licence and I can slide another card behind it.

Shaking vigorously and cards or cash don't fall out, unless you go really hard - so hard it doesn't occur naturally - in wich case the cards will slide out.

Overall I am super happy with my purchase, incredible delivery speed and product, and I'm super proud to have bought an Australian made product and to have supported a local business. I will definitely be a repeat customer and have already exclaimed to the people I know that they must buy from here hahaha

Matthew Campbell
International Shipping is excellent

good as gold qualichoo wallet. does wat i want it ta, slimmed down my pocket nicely 'n made my fahkin' old wallet sook from not bein' used anymawah. Fahkin' fair dinkum mate.

Giulia Ceruzzi

Smart Slide

Courtney Jaensch
Compact and convenient

Due to having most payment methods available on mobile devices, the smart slide is perfect for carrying those cards not accepted on your device. It is compact, and all cards are easily accessible. Fine quality leather and a sharp look to complete make the smart slide an excellent purchase.

Surpassed Expectations ...

Karakoram2 Australia care about their customers. I am delighted with their communication and extremely satisfied with the Smart Slide I ordered as a present for a relative (who also adores his gift). Thank you for a pleasurable experience and for such a quality product.

Levitta Panuncillo
Boyfriend's birthday gift

My boyfriend had been using his bulky wallet that he bought from France nearly 7 years ago and it contains nothing but cards now so I thought what better way to give him for his birthday but this slick smart wallet. He loved it as soon as he saw it. It's small, thin and very sexy. We are very satisfied customers.

Timothy Jackson
Perfectly compact

I don't like wallets generally due to their bulkiness and seeing as I'm a person who no longer carries cash ever this has been the best item i have purchased in years. Holds all my cards, easy to access them in a rush and you barely notice you are carrying it its so small and light.

Fairy B.
A Brilliant Design

Love my Smart Slide. It is compact while having a good amount of space for my cards and occasional bills. I really like the leather quality and softness. Much better than metal wallets that are sharp and uncomfortable to carry. 10/10 will buy again.

Cooler mechanic than the 'ridge' 🤭

i was tossing up between this and the ridge, with this being Australian being the deciding factor over the two. The first thing i noticed was the extra width to the feel of it due to the leather casing around the mechanism. Upon inspecting, i realised you could remove it from the leather and just use the aluminium case you store the cards in. Thus getting the best of both worlds, its now a 'ridge' with a much cooler mechanic. Now i love it! highly recommend.

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