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Men's Wallet Style Guide

When buying a men’s wallet, you should consider its function and style. First., it’s essential that the wallet you choose does what it needs to do. Pick a wallet that can carry the things you usually have with you such as cash, cards, keys, and coins.Nonetheless, don’t forget about style. You don’t have to compromise function over style as long as you look in the right places. To start your search here are some style tips on how to choose the right wallet for you for someone else.   Wallet Types Let’s start with the basic - wallet style. Yes, even men can choose different styles for their wallet, and here are some of the choices: Billfolds It’s can either...

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4 Features of Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

It’s not a secret that the majority of men want their items functional, especially their wallet. No matter what your job is, how you spend your day, or where you are located, a quality wallet is a good investment. Remember, it carries all your important items including cash, cards, business card, license, keys, and even receipts. There are a lot, sometimes overwhelming, options of wallet for men. We’ve come up with a list of features that can help you narrow down your choices. Quality Premium/genuine leather wallet is your best option when it comes to quality. Aside from the quality feel it gives off, it also lasts longer compared to other materials. You can tell that it’s premium leather if...

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Choosing Men's Leather Wallet for Everyday Use

Slim wallets are cleverly designed for both men and women. Though these aren’t new and there are few brands and products to choose from, it’s still important to get one that best suits your everyday style and needs. With this on hand, we’re here to help you find a wallet for men with different personalities. Yes, wallets have personalities, too, and it’s an essential part of something that you use and carry around every day, right?  Slim Wallet for Men with Useful Compartments A premium/genuine leather wallet for men should be one of the features that you should consider. You can start by looking into minimalist or engineered designs that fits you. Some wallets have money clips which hold your cash -...

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Minimalist Wallets for Men

The time for big, thick, and chunky wallets for men has long passed. The slim wallet is the new trend that’s taking over men’s fashion. Though there are tri-fold and bi-fold slim wallets, the question remains, which one should you choose to buy? Following are some considerations to keep in view in selecting a wallet. Functional Design It’s safe to say that men buy and use wallets because of its primary function - to let them bring their valuables with them. Therefore, having a slim wallet ensures that you can carry it with you wherever you go any time of the day. Having a slim wallet made from full grain leather is even more functional. You can use it at...

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